Monday, August 27, 2012

kertas hijau kecik


alhamdulillah, segala puji bagi Allah, Rab sekalian manusia.
selawat dan salam buat junjungan mulia, Muhammad s.a.w

ada satu kertas kecil,
lama saya simpan.. takut hilang,
saya dapat kertas hijau kecik masa hujung 3rd year as dental student..
saya simpan,
takut hilang,
kerana isinya amat bermakna..
pemberian dari seorang junior,
yang ada Al-Qur'an dalam hatinya..

tajuk kertas hijau kecik tu
supaya saya tak lupa,
untuk simpan Al-Qur'an dalam hati saya,
walaupun sekarang masih belum semuannya isi Al-Quran dah melekat dalam hati ini..

meh saya share =)

1-Ask Allah to make it easy for you (doa is gold)
2-Use one same copy of Qur'an (is best) and always handle with wudhu`, respect and love
3-Study with a clock (time is silver, keep track on it while working on page)
4-Memorize ' firmly' (make it the best you can)
5-Study in a volume enough for yourself to hear (ear helps in memorizing)
6-Do't sway back and front, though is very tempting
7-Do not speed (try to read with tarteel, the slower, the stronger)

8-Don't ask someoneif a page is hard / easy (psyche: it is easy)
9-Read page before memorizing it (at least 8 times, will make easier)
10-If ypu don't know the meaning, read translation before/after memorizing (depends if it make it easier for you or more confusing)
11-Ask other on how they memorize ( to develop your own method)
12-You usually develop your own scheme by time (which ever works best for you)
13-Always let someone listen to you especially with memorization of new page
14-Audio cassete/CD/recording may help (listen to it before memorizing)
15-Time of day (morning, sahur time when mind is fresh and best)
16-Your ability expands (inshaAllah) as you memorize

salam =)